HornHub Beta Release: An Update From the Team

4 min readDec 18, 2021

The team at HornHub are known for several things. The first is their dedication to the project and their ceaseless hard work, which often involves them working literally around the clock in order to hit milestones and deliver on promises. The second is their constant aim to under-promise but over-deliver, which they do consistently week-on-week. The third — and most important of all — is their honesty and transparency, which involves letting the community know exactly what is happening at all times, whether the news be good or bad.

This honesty was — and continues to be — on display since the launch of the hotly anticipated beta platform on Wednesday 15th December at 5PM EST, which was meant to see some seventy members of the community begin to test out the platform features, interacting with a multitude of content creators (or ‘talents’ as they are known over at HornHub). Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be the case, as during the process of moving the software of the platform onto the test server, it broke many major features and functionalities in the backend, making it impossible for talents to create their accounts. The development branch of the team immediately began to investigate and fix the various issues, which included reworking the entire process of the initial coding because — in typical development fashion — one thing breaking had a domino effect on many other aspects of the system). The developers then went on to perform constant testing in order to get everything back on track, which is still in process. At the same time the front end side of the team let everyone in the community know what was happening through a series of announcements.

Of course, the situation was met with disappointment from many members of the community, who were keen to try out the features and see the platform in all its glory. However, while this was understandable, it is important to note that almost every major tech launch runs into technical issues and only serves to highlight just why beta testing is so important. Had the project just skipped to full release after getting many fans and content creators ready to use the platform, confidence in it would have been destroyed if it had been broken upon launch. In this sense, while frustrating for all, it is actually a very good thing that the system broke when it did, as it now allows the developers to get everything fixed ready for the full release.

Indeed, even when the platform is back up and running and ready to beta test, there will still be bugs and errors on the system. Again, this is why beta testing is so crucial and finding these errors such a good thing, because it means that they won’t exist by the time the full platform is released globally and will instead be running perfectly. Currently the team is focused on fixing and finishing the web browser version of the platform. Once this is done, they will turn their attention to the mobile app. That means that currently, the only way that people can view the platform itself is via a desktop computer. However, due to similar coding being used, once the web version is finished, the app version will be a very easy fix and come shortly afterwards. In addition, once this is done, the talents will slowly start to create their accounts and incrementally roll-out content across the platform in order to test the various features, working closely with the team in order to provide invaluable feedback.

Once again being focused on honesty and transparency, project lead Rocco has created a read-only Google Doc file that features every single aspect of the platform the team is currently working on fixing, as well as a check box next to the relevant features — which will be ticked off as each stage is completed. Every member of the community is not only free to check out the document, but is actively encouraged to do so, to see the progress being made and to settle any concerns that they might possibly have that not everything in the team’s power is being done to rectify the issue as soon as is physically possible. (A link will be included at the end of this article).

All major projects stumble at the starting block, and HornHub is no exception. However, it is what a project does next that is important. HHUB is committed to excellence, so there is no sticking of heads into the sand here. Instead, one half of the team is now spending every waking hour getting the train firmly back on track, while the other half are continuing promotion and letting the fantastic community know exactly what is happening each step of the way. HornHub is still revolutionary, it is still set to become the Facebook of content creation, it still has a bunch of talents waiting to join and a community eager to test, it is still fueled by cryptocurrency and helmed by a team of experts committed to over-delivering. Nothing at all has changed. It just needs a little more time to marinate.

Like the saying goes. Good things come to those who wait.



If you would like to know more about Hornhub then visit their official website at https://www.hornhub.finance/ or join their Telegram community at https://t.me/HHUBfinance

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