How Hornhub is Using Professionalism to Outshine the Competition.
5 min readNov 17, 2021


Party in the front, Business in the back.

Fan content sells, and business is good.

Despite some confusion about what exactly fan content and subscription sites are, the fact is that the industry is worth billions. Indeed, the combination of the top fan subscription sites have daily viewership numbers close to that of Netflix and Hulu. It is little wonder then that the fan content is a known market leader, and continues to steer the internet when it comes to emerging technology and zeitgeists. Post Covid-19 outbreak — which at its heights saw a global rise in unemployment to over 200 million, as well as an increased reliance on remote working for those still employed — it was subscription based fan platforms that saw the sharpest spike in both new talent and user interaction, for obvious reasons. At the same time the decentralized finance (DeFi) space was mirroring this exponential growth due to many seeking alternative means of income. It was of course only a matter of time before the paths of the two sectors converged, leading to a plethora of new content creation cryptocurrencies.

Things aren’t all spandex and rainbows however, as both industries struggle a little with an image problem when it comes to exploitation and corruption. The crypto space has come under heavy fire for a shocking number of scams that have cost investors thousands — most recently Squid Game Token, where the anonymous developers rug-pulled the project and scarpered with $7 Million USD. Despite increasing cries for regulation, the DeFi world that exists beyond the large central exchanges is still considered by many to be the Wild West of finance. Certainly many of the content creation tokens that have washed up from the sea of new projects have a very low quality bar, using the idea of talent interaction itself to lure investors, despite having little to no utility. However, one project looks set to buck all conventions and has genuine aims to revolutionise the entire industry through ingenious use of cryptocurrency. Its name?


Hornhub is a project that takes itself very seriously. Headed up by a talented team of fifteen individuals — including trading, marketing and PR experts; advanced developers, published writers, moderators, graphic designers and crypto veterans — the crew have a laser-focused dedication and work ethic that sees them working around the clock in order to hit an impressive number of milestones that the project has set for itself. In the thirty days since launch (that doesn’t include the five months the team spent pre-planning every meticulous detail) the project has already reached an ATH of $26 Million, enrolled popular music artist Fadi KOD as their marketing lead, secured 112 top international performers to beta test their platform and employed the same designer who built the lauded Opskins website for Counter-Strike (an exceptionally popular video game, owned by billion-dollar company, Valve) to create the dynamic marketplace where Hornhub’s NFTs will be listed and sold after being minted by Talents.

Not a bad start considering the platform isn’t even live yet.

So what does HornHub see as the main differentiator between themselves and other fan subscription tokens? Firstly, the project has a tripod of use-case that supports the entire foundation of the company, while being intrinsically linked in ingenious ways. There is the aforementioned subscription-based service itself, which will have a social media vibe to it, providing a relaxed environment for fans and Talents to connect on. This is tied to the token itself, which is converted at the back end through easy Fiat payments (such as credit and debit cards), and then distributed to the customer to be used on the site, whilst the 10% taxation fee is broken down to aid liquidity, fund marketing, enable charity donations, and grow the project. Rounding everything off is the HornHub Marketplace, where minted NFTs can be bought, sold and traded by fans, all while earning royalties in perpetuity for the performers who minted them.

Secondly, unlike many other content creation projects, the social groups for HornHub are fun but also heavily moderated, allowing no extreme profanity or sexually explicit content, in order to keep professionalism high for any potential new investors. “We are a content creation project and sometimes that creates confusion for some of the more, shall we say, enthusiastic members,” says KYC’d project lead Rocco with a laugh. “What we try to explain is that just because our project relates to all content, including sexual, that doesn’t mean that anything goes. Those at the peak of these types of industries are just as serious at work as any other top businesses, and it’s in that bracket that we see ourselves.”

Thirdly, the project prides itself on organic growth and effective marketing that doesn’t utilise bombastic yet misleading advertising to promote itself like many of its competitors. For example a common tactic fan content tokens utilise is the use of videos or GIFS of an adult performer who has the name of the project scrawled on their bodies, while promoting the token. However, even the smallest level of due diligence reveals that the performer has no association with the project at all, beyond having been paid to do the specific video that is being shared. Another method used is New York billboards and other Out-Of-Home marketing, which is designed to create a FOMO attitude and encourage investors to put in large sums of money. Unfortunately, the project can often only promote their name and not much else, because there is very little substance beyond the initial allure of graphic content and social media chat full of explicit GIFS. Even exceptionally large fan subscription tokens who have recently released NFT marketplaces have done so with very little care or quality, which gives the entire project an ‘afterthought’ feel. Hornhub refuses to enter into this type of marketing, only revealing updates when they have something tangible to share with the community instead of relying on distractions.

“We are all about creating value for our investors,” says Rocco. “Our motto is always to under-promise but to over-deliver. On Telegram our community knows that we sometimes go quiet, and that’s because instead of spamming the chat with GIFS or pointless marketing, we are working hard in the background, including international meetings with Talents and investors, or planning huge reveals with marketing teams and developers. When we do something, we don’t do it by halves, and that is why our investors trust us.” Rocco finishes with a wry smile that suggests he knows something we don’t…yet. “We will become market leaders, not just in the content creation sector but the entire cryptocurrency space. There is no question. It’s just a matter of time.”

And they said content creation was for slackers.

If you want to find out more about HornHub, visit or visit their telegram on

This article was written by The Wordsmith. Please note that The Wordsmith is not a financial advisor, and nothing written above should be taken as financial advice.



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