How Hornhub Just Went Mainstream
3 min readNov 25, 2021

Hornhub (HHUB) is turning heads in the DeFi space as the project that consistently exceeds expectations. Despite working around the clock in preparation for their amazing beta platform launch in less than 5 days (30th November), the team still managed to once again over-deliver in spades. This time, it was because their resident content creator — a bestselling author — managed to get major press release all about HHUB listed on over 120 different major publications! These weren’t just small crypto magazines either — these were the big players, including the likes of Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Market Screener, CNN and CBC as well as literally dozens of others! (At the end of the article, several links will be included where you can go and check out the press release for yourselves).

But why is there so much buzz around the project?

The reason that so many people are sitting up and taking notice of Hornhub is that the content creation project prides itself on hard work, organic growth and effective marketing that side-steps the usual explosive yet misleading advertising that many of its competitors utilise. It has caught the attention of major investors due to the team’s honesty, transparency and openness — a trait that is rare in the crypto space — as well as their constant drive to succeed. Indeed, since the project launched just five weeks ago it has been a resounding success, hitting all-time high of $26 million USD and over 1500 long-term holders. However, all eyes are fixed on the team now that they gear up for the aforementioned beta platform release, which they are going full throttle on — designating over $100,000 dollars in marketing funds to support it! In addition, many content creators are ready and waiting to test the platform, and a selection process will take place to choose from the HHUB community to test out the fan side.

But what is Hornhub?

HHUB is a project that bridges the gap between content creation and cryptocurrency, and aims to become most revolutionary fan subscription in the world. Using an intuitive, social-media-styled platform native to the Binance Smart Chain, the project will utilise its upcoming subscription-based website to allow content creators (known as ‘Talents’) to autonomously build and run their own hub, connect directly with fans, and securely and instantly earn for their original content. The project also incorporates a trio of fundamental utilities that link together to form the foundation of the company. Firstly, there is the aforementioned subscription-based platform itself, which — due to its on-ramping of Fiat — requires no cryptocurrency knowledge for customers to use. At the back end the site is directly connected to the second utility — the $HHUB cryptocurrency token. Fans can use simple credit or debit card payments, which then purchase the token behind the scenes before distributing it to be used as a digital currency on the site. A taxation fee is levied on all transactions, which is then broken down to aid liquidity, fund marketing, enable charity donations, and grow the project. The third linked utility is the upcoming HornHub Marketplace, where NFTs can be bought, sold and traded by fans, all while earning royalties in perpetuity for the performers who minted them with the simple click of a button.

With the project constantly smashing the milestones it sets itself, an imminent beta release and a constant stream of exciting updates (like landing on over a hundred major news outlets) there is simply no reason that Hornhub can’t achieve its focus of becoming the most popular content creation platform in the world, driven through the power of cryptocurrency.

If you would like to know more about Hornhub then visit their official website at or join their Telegram community at


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