How HornHub Shed Some Light on its Exciting New Direction
5 min readApr 9, 2022


As the saying goes, ‘good things come to those who wait.’

This was evident in the latest update VC from HornHub where the patient community got a little taste of the exciting new direction that the company is heading in. Hosted by long-time community conductor Bull, the welcomed AMA session saw the executive team member take to the mic with his usual aplomb, revealing key aspects about the evolution of the project, while being clearly careful not to give too much away and detract from the upcoming reveal.

Bull dived right into the VC, explaining how pleased he was to be able to get an opportunity to speak with the community and wasting no time in addressing the fact that there has been some radio silence for a while. He assured everyone listening that this was not because the project didn’t have anything to share, but rather that they have lots to share, and as such the efforts have been focused on working a hundred miles an hour behind the scenes, getting everything setup and ready so that the project can be turned into one of the most successful blue chip companies in history and then revealed in full glory to the community. Bull further expanded on the opening segment by explaining that because there is so much work being done behind closed doors, they have often been forced to maintain a certain level of secrecy, due to the big change in direction requiring a monumental level of investment, research, planning and deployment. In the same way that companies like Facebook and YouTube have revolutionized the way that individuals interact with web 2, HornHub is planning to do exactly the same thing with the emerging web 3 system network — how they have aims to become a leading corporation that is at the forefront of pioneering technology and interoperability, pushing the envelope when it comes to fan and content creator interaction, and becoming market leaders.

Bull then conceded that whilst silence and a level of secrecy are necessary, HornHub does operate within the DeFi space, where scam projects often make big promises they never keep and understandably investors get nervous. He accepted that while focus needs to ultimately be on development and deployment, it is important for the team to share updates to let the community know exactly what is happening to help alleviate concerns and allow valuable questions to be answered. With that in mind he gave the popular announcement that AMAs will be reintroduced, but was upfront with the fact that they won’t be at the same frequency as before, due to the team needing to focus the majority of their time and effort in building and executing their deployment plan, rather than simply hosting VCs for the sake of it. He concluded with the always reassuring news that the HornHub community team will be available to answer any pressing questions that they are able to.

Things got very positive when Bull changed gear to talk about the exciting updates, while being sure not to blow the lid off everything before the grand reveal the team had been working on for months. He explained to the excited community how HornHub is moving away from simply being an adult platform, a move that is set to make the project the type of pioneering company that rubs shoulders with the giants of industry. In that sense he discussed how it required a number of significant changes, all of them improving the company in every conceivable way from the ground up and already being well in process. He explained how originally the team was planning to do one big announcement, but due to the unfortunate delays decided to instead break the huge reveal into three smaller AMAs. Bull shared how these voice chats will showcase all of the great new announcements, exciting updates and revolutionary products, which combined together form everything the team have been working on and the community have been waiting so patiently for. He clarified how he wasn’t going to give an exact date on those AMAs at that moment but would shed more light on the next VC. He assured everyone listening that what is due to be shared will be more than worth the community’s patience and support.

The next part was a welcome surprise for everyone when Bull shared that the Beta platform had been officially opened to the community. He went on to explain how the developers have done all testing necessary on a small scale, and 95% of all the known bugs have been fixed. He went on to say how the project now needs to do higher scale and traffic testing, so that they can get invaluable feedback on the few remaining bugs. According to Bull, this is something community testers can easily assist with by clicking on and using the handy pop-up feedback tab on the right side of the platform homepage. Bull then went on to encourage everyone to use all of the features currently available, such as the revolutionary search bar, the tipping feature and the subscription aspect. He also shared a little secret — that Rocco’s own posts often give little sneak previews of exclusive content, so encouraged everyone to keep an eye on them while testing!

Bull finished up the first part of the voice chat by revealing that whilst the beta platform might be fun, intuitive and exciting to use, it will pale in comparison to the secret refactored version, which the DEV team are currently working on and is due to be showcased soon. He teased that it is due to feature a faster and smoother interface, improved UX, a fully functional chat system, and a working KYC system — as well as a bunch of other elements still under wraps.

The popular orator then finished up the reveal section of the AMA by sharing his hopes that what had been discussed would give some excitement and confidence to the community as well as build some hype for what is set to soon be revealed. He closed off with an impassioned expression of the company’s exciting prospects and that all investors have managed to get into very early, being at the forefront of something truly revolutionary. Bull then happily turned the mic over to the community themselves, so that they could have their say and ask any questions they had.

Check out the full audio of the VC update part 2 — coming Sunday April 9! (Link will be updated below)



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